Anima Mundi

Anima Mundi is a journey back to the most fascinating and remote periods of human history. Those which gave rise to writing and philosophy, the great religions and the imposing architectures which still evoke emotions and deep admiration.

Each fragrance is an atavistic call that crosses temporal and geographical distances. 

Each perfume is the essence of a people and the echo of a philosophical principle that goes back to the dawn of time: the Soul of the World, the "breath" that gives life, the creative spirit that forms the Universe.




A real Ruby is the great protagonist of Anima Mundi’s “Precious Gift”, an exclusive gift that will surprise the luckiest admirers of the collection.

In every production there will be a special box that will be accompanied by a code informing the recipient that they have won a Precious Ruby ​​(along with its gemological certificate – between 1,2 and 1,7 kt. Considering the production)

This Card with the personal Code, give to the winner the possibility to receive the “Precious Gift”.

We ask the lucky person to write an email to attaching an image of the certificate of the precious gift and writing a telephone number or an email.

 It will be our pleasure to contact the lucky winner by telephone and e-mail, congratulating him on the precious winnings, communicating the delivery method.

The lucky winners will be randomly selected. An unexpected gift is on its way to them: a precious treasure chest enclosing the same gem that the ancients used as a jewel, amulet, and talisman.