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Dûsara is a dazzling mirage in the desert where history and olfactory traditions meet before an imposing rocky massif. Innumerable suggestions enrich this warm and spicy fragrance dedicated to the patron god of Petra, the ancient city in Jordan carved into rock by the Nabataeans.

Mythical trees protected by terrible winged monsters accompany the aromas emanating from precious resins: this ancient nomadic population originally from the Arabian peninsula carried them along the Incense Road.

Unexpected touches of Cypress and Bergamot allude to an oasis of coolness in the opening. 
Saffron, Somalian inscense and ancient woods enhance the desert component. 
Among Ceylon Cinnamon leaves and hints of Cinnamon, very precious heart notes emerge of Iranian Oud, “The wood of the gods”. 
The mixture blends sweet and honeyed notes of Amber, the resin that brings delight to the heart according to an Arab saying.

For its warm burning walls, for the knowledge handed down by the singers, for the refined aromas that came from the Kingdom of Saba, Petra inspires a fragrance with a seductive impact and deeply mystical resonances.

Head notes

Bergamot of Calabria di Calabria, Cypress of France, Incense, Virginian Cedawood, Galbanum

Heart notes

Italian Saffron, Cypriol, Oud, Cinnamon

Base notes

Amber, Ancient Wood, Musk